Gambling Cash Found Hidden In Storage Boxes

Posted 2/21/11 : Two boxes at Seoul storage facility hold 1 billion won ($894 000) in cash
The Korea Times reports that a 31-year old man, identified as "Lim", has been apprehended as the suspected owner of two boxes at a storage facility in Seoul that held 1 billion won ($894 000) in cash, allegedly the proceeds from an illegal online gambling operation.
Lim reportedly operated illegal gambling sites between October 2008 and April 2009, Korean authorities said.  He used a false name, false resident registration number and three false cell phones when dropping off the boxes at the facility.
The manager of the facility, suspecting the boxes contained explosives, contacted the authorities who then mounted a surveillance operation which confirmed Lim's identity and established that there was also a third box at the facility that contained a further 100 million won in cash.
Korean Police apprehended Lim at Incheon International Airport this week for further questionning.