Posted 1/4/11 : scheduled for launch early this year
Online gambling software provider GTechG2 reports that it has signed an agreement with search engine to build and equip a new online bingo site, branded, with a launch scheduled for early 2011.
A company statement says that the search engine company has developed an interest in internet bingo after recording large volumes of bingo-related searches on its pages.
GTechG2 is likely to position AskBingo on its international bingo network, joining major corporates like Littlewoods and Butlins.
According to its product manager, the new online bingo site is just the first of a series on new customer-targeted ventures planned by the search engine company for the new year.
Rob Sheppard of Ask Jeeves, said: “The mass of questions we receive – 360 000 questions every single day – gives us an opportunity to really get to know our customers’ interests, so we can develop products which are completely in line with them.  The launch of Ask Bingo is the first of many customer focussed products we are planning in 2011.”