MeccaBingo punter wins a GBP 100 000 jackpot

11/11/09 – Online bingo site Mecca has announced that one of its virtual players, ‘dreamer80’,  took home a GBP 100 000 jackpot as part of the site's Lucky Pink Box promotional campaign last week.
The lucky bingo fan is from Wrexham in the UK and had been a member of a local land Mecca Bingo club for two years prior to moving to the online version following an internal Bingo Bundle promotion.
Mecca increased the ball count required for customers to win a full house each day in the Lucky Pink Box promo.
“I have really enjoyed the experience of playing online as there appears to be plenty of opportunities to win,” said ‘dreamer80’.
“My first reaction to the win was complete shock. I didn’t even realise I’d won the jackpot at first and it wasn’t until the other players in the chat room started to congratulate me that it started to sink in.
“I haven’t had a chance to think about what I’m going to do with the money yet but I have a young family and I’m sure it will benefit us all.”