Which Bingo Survey

65 percent of bingo players in the UK spend at least 12 hours a week on the pastime
Which Bingo.co.uk reported on the results of its player survey this week, revealing that 65 percent of internet Bingo fans spend at least 12 hours playing on bingo sites every week.
By way of comparison, the average Brit currently spends 17 hours 15 minutes watching TV over a similar period.
Many respondents to the survey said that the traditional sense of community in bingo remains strong, and that online friends were as important in retaining their business as the bingo games themselves.
The study illustrated that the availability of free bingo appears to be driving up the amount of time players spend playing bingo. Many of these games now feature real cash prizes, meaning players are being given the chance to win real money without any initial outlay, and spend longer on websites.