Fee Free Bitcoin Poker Games


Under development by computer science students.

Silicon Republic reports on a team of computer science students from Trinity College Dublin who are developing a bitcoin-only, decentralised, peer-to-peer poker site that it anticipates will offer fee-free poker games. Check out the updates

To ensure fairness, each player at the table would encrypt and shuffle the card deck prior to the game beginning.  To view cards, all players would need to decrypt that card in a cycle to ensure “complete fairness among everyone in the game”.

“The crucial aspect of this decentralised poker site however is that it uses the cryptocurrency bitcoin to bet which allows for the application of a cryptographic algorithm to ensure fairness of the card deal and money distribution,” the Silicon Valley report said.

In addition,  the students believe that existing as a distributed network using bitcoin would negate many global governmental restrictions which would allow for a new global player pool.

“With the advent of bitcoin, a cryptographic solution to a fair, decentralised, poker network is entirely possible,” Eamon McNamee, one of the students involved in the development told Silicon Valley.  “This idea may have far-reaching implications in other trust-based industries, such as banking, as we have already seen the decentralisation of information transfer and money transfer with technologies like BitTorrent and bitcoin.”