Posted 2/9/11 : All hand histories, HUDs and rake back's to be cut out
In a move that bound to cause a few ripples in the online poker industry, Bodog Poker has announced that it intends implementing a series of blocking systems to stop poker information portals from scraping listings from its site which "mainly serve professional players" in a bid to attract more recreational players.
Patrik Selin, Bodog Europe said:  ""These poker operator information portals are another example of how online poker is assisting in its own demise. I have commented previously on how the operators are doing this to themselves with hand histories, HUDs and rake back, all of which we will be cutting out.
The next tier in the process is the operator information sites. Nobody who is playing poker for fun visits these sites, or, probably even knows they exist. They primarily exist to serve the needs of the professional players and therefore we will be implementing online protection against these sites to further aid the crucial leisure poker player."
In related news, Bodog announced the release of a new poker lobby with a more user-friendly interface making navigation easier.

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