Bodugi Limited Gambling License Suspended

Social sports betting operator gets on the wrong side of the authorities after payment and communication complaints.
Bodugi Limited, a social sports betting company that styles itself as one of the pioneers in the sector, is currently displaying a "down for maintenance" sign on its website, but the real reason is that its licence has been suspended by the UK Gambling Commission.
The company was founded in 2010 by Dave Nevison and Michael Wilson and initially did well, winning awards as a top newcomer to the industry and opening offices in London and Manila, Philippines through which it developed associations with impressive partners as well as players.
Somewhere along the line things appear to have gone wrong, because customers have been complaining about being unable to withdraw money, and the Gambling Commission feels there are sufficient grounds for it to step in "as a precautionary measure".
The company has not helped itself by failing to respond to the Gambling Commission's invitation to discuss the clearly apparent problems it is facing, and the Commission has consequently suspended the licence and commenced a review of the issue.
Bodugi has yet to publicly comment on the situation.