Breakout Coin Crypto Currency


BitCoin rival?

Costa Rica-headquartered game development and technology provider Breakout Gaming will target the gaming industry with the launch of a new crypto-currency called Breakout Coin (BRO).

According to Breakout the launch of their website where users can learn about the new currency is fast approaching and will reportedly feature Poker Pros who support the launch of BRO such as Johny Chan.

“Breakout Gaming represents the biggest dedicated platform ever built to support a new cryptocurrency,” said a confident Jay Berg, chief technology officer of Breakout. “Our goal with this new site is to provide the gaming and crypto community with comprehensive information about the coin and the gaming platform.”

The company’s internal team comprises: crypto currency attorney David Gzesh; former TMZ Creative Director Josh Wells; chief executive officer of Soda & Lime Bonner Bellew; former chief operating officer and President of the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, David Hanlon; in addition to Breakout’s chief technology officer, Jay Berg, the developer of Bergstake.

“The supporting players on both our sponsored team and internal team are in place, giving us confidence that this project will truly revolutionize crypto-gaming as a whole,” Berg concluded.