Bryan Micon Enters Guilty Plea in SealsWithClubs case

Back in the States, Micon appears in a Las Vegas court.
The erstwhile Seals With Clubs online poker site operator Bryan Micon entered a guilty plea of running an illegal online gambling website when he appeared in a Las Vegas court Thursday.
InfoPowa readers will recall that Micon cut a deal earlier in the week to return to the United States in order to clear his name after he fled to Antigua in the wake of a Nevada Gaming Control Commission raid on his Las Vegas home earlier this year.
Micon’s plea bargain deal will allow him to avoid imprisonment and serve probation, after which he can file to have his record reflect a gross misdemeanor instead of a felony, according to his legal representative. Micon has also agreed to pay a $25,000 fine, and to surrender $900, 3.0996 Bitcoin and electronic equipment that state officials confiscated from him.
The operator was targeted by state gaming officials in February for allegedly running an illegal poker website called Seals with Clubs that accepted the alternative currency Bitcoin.
The length of Micon’s probation has yet to be determined by a District Court judge, and will be handed down at a subsequent court hearing scheduled for July 6.