Posted 5/21/11 :

A mutual interest to protect users
The Spanish trade association AEDAPI reports on a cooperation agreement reached between and the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated gamblers (FEJAR) this week.
Said to be the first collaboration of its kind, the agreement will serve as a springboard towards bringing together like-minded associations focusing on combating problem gambling and its impact on society and will unify criteria to better protect the interests of those affected by gambling dependencies.
Max Enrique Gutierrez, President, FEJAR said:  "The Federation of Rehabilitated gamblers are very pleased to have reached this agreement with, as a sign of mutual interest to protect users. Without doubt, the new government regulation provides a framework so a collaboration of this kind can take place and to allow consumers to benefit from it."
FEJAR and have said they share the view that consumer protection can be achieved more effectively through strict regulation and welcome the approval of the new Spanish Gambling Act by Congress.