Three More Poker Sites For Cake Poker Network

4/8/10 – The Cake Poker Network has signed up three more operators from online casino, sportsbook and poker sites JuicyStakes, BeteXpress and KakuyPoker.
Retro-themed JuicyStakes, is an online casino site adding poker to its gambling services, whilst BeteXpress is an online bookmaker licensed within the European Union intent on widening its range of gambling offers.
Kakuy is a South American online poker operator whose COO, Elvio Salvatierra says: "The key of KakuyPoker's success is our knowledge of the Latin American poker market and our player's needs, we don't trespass any cultural barriers since we share the same culture with our players." offers features such as 24/7 customer support through chat, video-chat, desktop sharing, e-mail and phone in both English and Spanish, and soon Kakuy will offer the KakuyPoker International League, where teams will represent their countries and play for national poker pride.
"We are excited to announce these three new Cake Network partners," said Cake's director of marketing, Andrew Turner. "With JuicyStakes, BeteXpress and Kakuy we are adding both numbers and diversity to our player base."