New Cake Poker Skins

Five new partners join online poker network
The online poker network Cake Poker has announced the sign-up of five new partner sites: Broadway Tables, PokerXRC, WingsPoker, Unleashed Poker, and Come On.
Broadway is a poker site mostly comprised of US and Latin American players, whilst has created the first Greek poker video commercials, and has the first official Greek Poker team. is owned and operated by experienced industry managers who also have an extensive background in consumer marketing and long-standing relationships with affiliates, poker clubs, internet portals and media channels.
Unleashed’s management team has over 20 years of experience in poker and online gaming. Project manager Julia Jonson notes, "One attractive aspect of the Cake Network is that they are the only network to allow their players to change their screen name every seven days. This eliminates the advantage of rival players using illegal ID tracking software.” Unleashed Poker is currently offering poker in English, with Spanish and Portuguese language options imminent.
Games developer CTXM and Cake Network's partnership has been used to equip with quality gambling software.