New Casino Games, Backjack and War

Cake Poker's new offering through Cake Games
Cake Poker internet poker room has announced two additions to their roster of online gaming, Cake Games
An online version of the classic card game WAR, "Cake War", and a tournament twist on the casino game of blackjack, "Cake Tourney Blackjack".
Cake WAR is an online multiplayer game, inspired by the all-time classic card game, but now with a new adult twist. The game of WAR appeals to online poker players and gamers alike as it offers both groups the mental challenge and competition with the added bonus of winning actual cash for their skills.
Cake Tourney Blackjack offers players the popular casino game of blackjack, but in a more strategic tournament style with the social fun of multi-player gaming.
Lee Jones, Cake card room manager comments, "Cake Poker is thrilled to offer players these two exciting, fast-paced card games through Cake Games. The fun and simplicity coupled with the strategy involved in both WAR and Tourney Blackjack make the perfect complement to the intensity of online poker".