New California online poker Bill Close

Entirely new proposal is being prepared by tribal gaming interests
A well-informed industry editor, Victor Rocha, has revealed that an entirely new online poker legalization bill is currently being drafted by tribal interests in California and could be presented to the state Legislature within the next two months.
The bill, Rocha said in an interview with Quad Jacks, is not connected or associated in any way with that put forward earlier this year by Sen. Rod Wright .
Rocha says that the new bill will have "unprecedented tribal support" from card rooms and tribes, and that tribal attitudes to online gambling have in general changed to a more positive approach.
The imminent advent of legalised online gambling in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey has influenced them to get on board or be left behind
"The tribes and the card clubs are going to be behind it, and that will create a juggernaut of political support. You can’t stop it," Rochas told Quad Jacks.
The new bill will be very inclusive and will apparently address the concerns of previously opposing tribes and organisations. And it will include UIGEA "bad actor" provisions to keep existing online poker majors out.
Rocha was reluctant to name names, but revealed that support is likely from The Pechangas, the Viejas, the Palas and the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association.