Calvin Ayre Website Sold

Written On  3/31/11 By Jennifer Jearu :

A familiar media name in acquisition deal
Online gambling branding entrepreneur Calvin Ayre most famously known for the Bodog Brand , has announced the sale of his online information portal for an undisclosed sum to a group of investors led by media journalist and manager Scott Longley.
A statement from Ayre's company reveals that negotiations for the acquisition began in November when Longley, backed by a group of public gaming executives approached, Ayre with an offer which was initially rejected twice before agreement was reached this week.
Ayre claims that Longley and his investors wanted to complete the purchase before the site’s official one-year anniversary in May, fearing that the price might escalate.
The statement advises that editorial and aesthetic changes will accompany the new ownership, which will introduce a more serious news tone under the re-branding:
Longley was previously a business editor for and is head of research at