Latest draft is mainly about land casinos, but online gambling changes are also envisaged.
After more than two years of debate and drafting, Cambodia may be closing in on final agreement regarding its proposed gambling law changes.
A report in the Khmer Times revealed Friday that government ministers and private industry stakeholders gathered to discuss the latest draft of the changes, which deal mainly with land casino operations but include a proposal that online gambling be confined to licensed land casino properties.                       
Whilst the tax implications have not yet been finalised, the newspaper reported that government is currently considering a rate around the 4 to 5 percent of GGR mark, almost double the current rate, which so far this year has produced a tax harvest of $37.4 million.
The latest draft also outlines governments intention to set up an all-powerful regulator titled Gaming Management Committee, which will have wide oversight responsibilities covering regulatory drafting, tax collection and enforcement.