Camelot Earnings Report


But angry consumers say lotto is “greedy” and a “farce”.

UK National Lottery operator Camelot delivered “impressive” digital growth for 2015 reporting record sales of GBP 7. 6 billion, up 4 percent.

Mobile sales rose 53 percent to GBP 596 million while retail store sales grew by GBP 73 million to a record-breaking GBP 6.01 billion.

Camelot said it had paid out winnings totalling GBP 4.2 billion and distributed GBP 1.9 billion in charity funding.

But British media report that National Lottery customers feel they’ve been left out in the cold, labelling the UK National Lottery a “farce” and “greedy”. 

Camelot increased National Lottery ticket prices from GBP 1 to GBP 2 while shrinking the chances of winning, punters say.  Experts calculate a one in 14 million chance of winning the jackpot has fallen to one in 45 million following Camelot’s changes to the structure of the Lottery.

“I’m delighted by the fantastic year we’ve had, especially across our digital channels,” Andy Duncan, chief executive of Camelot said.  “”Camelot leads the field of digital innovation.”