Canbet Closes Online Casino

Thursday June 30, 2011 : Owner IAS to focus on core business of sports betting
The Microgaming-powered online casino operations of Canbet, a subsidiary of the Australian group IAS, are to be closed today following a decision by the company to focus on its core business of horse racing and sports betting.
Marketing affiliates of the internet casino were told in a communication Wednesday that with effect June 30th the casino will no longer be operational.
“The decision was made to re-focus on Canbet's core business of horse racing and sports betting, and this means that all available resources will be diverted to these channels,” the notification advised.
“We kindly request that all affiliates currently promoting Canbet Casino remove the marketing material from their sites as soon as possible.
“In the meantime, traffic from affiliates will be diverted to Canbet's Sports betting site, where you will still be credited with any revenue generated from registrations and play. Casino creative hosted by CommissionKing will also be replaced with sports creative, so as not to leave broken images on your website in the event that you are unable to implement the change right away.”
The notification was repeated on the casino website.