Poker Crooks Arrested in Cannes

Friday, October 14, 2011 : POKER CROOKS ARRESTED IN CANNES
Here's hoping this incident does give anyone ideas at the WSOPE!
Three Italians and a Frenchman have been arrested in Cannes, the French city which is currently hosting the World Series of Poker Europe, on fraud charges…fortunately not in any way connected with the WSOP tournament.
French police reported Thursday that the quartet used invisible ink to cheat at live poker at the Les Princes casino, an establishment entirely separate and distanced from the WSOPE venue.
The four were detained on Tuesday after pocketing Euros 30,000 ($41,200) in winnings, a police spokesman revealed.
He said the Frenchman, a casino employee, made sure the three Italian players were dealt hands from a deck marked in invisible ink, which the players could see by wearing special contact lenses.
This sort of scam is well known in casinos in the United States but new to France, a police spokesman said.