CASEXE says prospects for VR-AR are good in the online casino industry

CASEXE says prospects for VR-AR are good in the online casino industry.
CASEXE, a technology firm in the Czech Republic, has issued a statement opining that there are good Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality opportunities for companies like itself in the online casino industry.
The company predicts that the general popularity of the VR/AR casino trend will continue to grow, and says that the VR industry itself has evolved with the advent of technically advanced gadgets, enabling VR to influence almost every aspect of everyday life..
"These days, the developers of online casino software are turning to VR technologies, day by day launching more and more exclusive products," the CASEXE statement claims. "The VR roulette, recently presented by Microgaming at a high-tech exhibition, is an illustrative example of advanced VR technologies.
"Gamblers, plunged into the (world of) virtual reality, are able to move freely through gambling rooms, interact with different objects, and talk to the rest of visitors. All of (these attributes) enable players to experience the full presence effect while they gamble virtually.”
CASEXE advises that the latest developments in the sector have persuaded it to offer a new service to its clients – the creation of turnkey virtual reality or augmented reality online casinos.
The company has created a new division to handle this business, which includes facilities and resources to develop and test innovative products, as well as the advancement of VR/AR technologies.