Cash Out Roulette


“Ground breaking development in Roulette”, says developer.

Betfair will be the first Tier One operator to launch Cash Out Roulette from newcomer Be The House.

The patent-pending product, described as “revolutionary” offers customers bets over consecutive spins of a roulette wheel, in addition to the traditional single spin roulette.
Players can place bets on outcomes such as one number 16 in the next ten spins, 7 black numbers in the next ten spins and 18 red numbers in the next twenty-five spins, a company statement explains.
“It attracts players with the potential for higher payouts, greater control over their volatility and, crucially, the ability to cash out during a multi spin bet”.
Be The House believe the new twist to traditional roulette will attract new players, provide a wider customer base to cross sell to and result in longer playing sessions without cannabilising traditional roulette players.
While Betfair is the first to go live with the product, the company says it has numerous other Tier One operators in the pipeline and other patent-pending accumulative casino table games ready to be rolled out over the next few months.
“We’re delighted to have Betfair on board and the reaction from those that have seen it within the industry has been amazing,” Seth Freedman, chief executive officer and co-founder of Be The House, said. “We’re confident that we have created something that will change the way roulette is played forever.”