Casinover casino closes virtual doors

After a year online, casino closes virtual doors
Marketing affiliates and players are reporting the demise of Casinover, a Viaden-powered, no-download internet casino licensed in the Isle of Man which has been active since 2011.
A notice on the company's website informed visitors this week:
"We would like to inform you that the website is now closed.
"Casinover has made their best endeavours to contact all players with a real money balance on their account. There are some players that have still not withdrawn their funds. In the circumstances the following action will be taken:
"For players with a balance under £10.00 these funds can no longer be reclaimed. The total funds for these players have now been donated to a responsible gambling charity.
"For players with a balance of £10.00 or over they have until the 10th February to reclaim their funds by contacting the customer support team on the below details. If funds haven't been claimed by this date they will also be donated to a responsible gambling charity."
Reasons for the shutdown are not given.