CGBets Launches Bitcoin Platform

Developer focuses on skill games for new platform.
Costa Rica software developer CGBets has announced the launch of a new Bitcoin-based platform that focuses on skill, logic and strategy rather RNG-based games.
Players on compete against each other in the games, wagering in the cyber currency Bitcoin.
In a statement this week a company spokesman claimed that the site currently has three games live on the platform, with more in the pipeline:
“We provide high-quality games written in flash technology. We ensure optimum functionality of our gaming platform, guarantee secure, easy settlement and the withdrawal of winnings,” he said, explaining that the games currently available include:
* Basketball game: a game for two or more players where they are required to shoot the ball into the hoop to gain as many points as possible.
* Go game: a two player logical board game of Chinese origin which has not yet been solved by any algorithm and can be played only by live participants.
* Chess: a familiar two player game on a chequered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid.
CGBets will be adding Duplicate Poker soon on the platform – a variant of the poker card game based on Texas Hold’em rules, but with more of a strategy game format and no luck factor involved.