2011 Launch for New Global Subscription Operation
Chiligaming, the home of online gaming operator, has announced that it will launch an online subscription poker operation in 2011.
The new operation will complement the company’s existing gaming businesses and will help drive its expansion into new markets from the USA to Asia-Pacific and in existing markets where it will supplement current online gaming operations.
Online subscription poker is currently legal in a majority of States in the USA and subscribers will be restricted to consumers in those States.
This latest move is part of the company’s push towards establishing media, telecom and casino partnerships in regulated and new markets which will encompass both traditional online gaming and more casual gaming models. Chiligaming does not take US bets and this latest move is expected to position the company well in the event of a regulated US online poker market.
“We are very excited about this new dimension to our business,” said Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chilipoker.  “Our economies of scale will help this be a strong mechanism for further growth and it will help fill the void that exists in markets where online gaming is restricted and consumers want to play poker. In markets where we operate online gaming, this new product will provide consumers with more choice.”