Smile, you're on candid camera….
Police investigating the illegal Chattanooga poker game in which an alleged caterer pulled a gun and was shot by police  threw down their trump card Wednesday, producing a surveillance video that showed Clifford Billups buying-in to the game and receiving chips.
During the police raid Billups reportedly headed for the back door, pulled a gun and pointed it at a member of the raiding party. He was shot for his attitude, fortunately without serious injury.
Local police chief Bobby Dodd reiterated Wednesday that the police had a warrant and clearly advised their identity and presence in the raid, which followed a period of surveillance and investigation.
"There's no way they couldn't have known it was cops from actually hearing the cops yelling, ‘Police! Search warrant!" Or seeing the police cars, then turning and point a weapon at them when the people around him are clearly trying to surrender," says Dodd.