6/16/10 – June 17th will see the launch of a new concept in video gaming when OnLive launches its new cloud gaming service, an event that could present fresh business models in online gambling.
The Palo Alto-based startup will be charging $4.95 a month to subscribers in the hope of quickly building a membership base, and thanks to one of its investors – AT&T – a one year subscription to OnLive’s service will be offered free for the first month to those who register.
The 25,000 beta testers who put the cloud-gaming service through its paces in extensive pre-launch testing will receive a free game to go with a one year free membership. 
The monthly subscription does not include any games, which will have to be either bought or rented online by the user. Their prices will range from $5 to $59. The company has announced an initial lineup of some of the top video shoot ‘em ups on the market