Cold Deck : New Poker Movie

Sunday December 13,2015 :  PLENTY OF ACTION IN NEW POKER MOVIE
Cold Deck features veteran actor Paul Sorvino.
The latest movie centred on a poker theme, Cold Deck, has an action-packed storyline that includes the heist of a high stakes poker game, an enterprise that misfires somewhat when one of the players turns out to be a psychopathic killer with a penchant for battle-axes.
Written by Stéfano Gallo and Jason Lapeyre and directed by Zack Bernbaum, the movie features veteran Hollywood actor Paul Sorvino along with a more contemporary actor from Prison Break, Robert Knepper and a relatively unknown actor (who was also involved in writing the script) Stéfano Gallo.
Gallo plays Bobby, a poker player in over his head financially who seeks the advice of his friend Chips (Sorvino) and decides that crime might be the answer to his problems. He attempts the heist of a high stakes banker's poker game, triggering a violent reaction from the aforesaid psychopathic battle-axe wielder.
It's unlikely that this production will generate the same popularity as Rounders or the ancient Cincinnati Kid, but the trailer can be viewed here: