Scottish football legend Colin Hendry in Online Gambling Problem

3/22/10 – Making headlines in the UK sports media this week is the sad tale of charismatic Scottish football legend Colin Hendry, who is apparently in financial trouble after letting an online betting habit get the better of him.
The Scots football ace lost his wife Denise in a tragic minor surgery gone wrong last year, and has apparently found it difficult to adjust to life without her.
One of Scotland’s most prolific captains, Hendry has allegedly been using online gambling to help come to terms with the death of his wife, although the reports note that he was gambling online before her tragic death in June 2009.
Hendry borrowed £50 000 from his neighbour and friend  Hector MacFarlane, mentioning to him in email exchanges that "the vultures are circling".and admitting that he was in "a bit of bother".
Hector agreed to lend his friend the money but has not yet been repaid.
The reports claim that Hendry often indulged in late night sessions at various online gambling sites, winning and losing very significant sums of cash.