Commologic: BetUP Instant

In-play tournaments with instant-win moments.
Unibet is among the first operators to integrate the latest product from Commologic: BetUP Instant, which combines the fun of in-play tournaments with an instant-win moment, allowing players to place instant bets on every BetUP round and boost their winnings in seconds.
BetUP provides Unibet with up to 30 additional betting opportunities per football match, a company statement claims; BetUP Instant acts as a micro-pool on the next BetUP question, increasing game turnover with a fixed and guaranteed profit margin for the operator. It encourages player engagement, giving punters additional entertainment from kick-off to final whistle.
Erik Bäcklund, head of sports at Unibet said:
"BetUP Instant satisfies customer demand for an instant gaming experience within the longer engagement of the game. We have seen BetUP work well in parallel to our in-play product and we hope BetUP Instant will make the product stickier, increase revenues, and encourage the more casual customers to bet in-play."