Communities for California Cardrooms

CCC is a new force in the online poker legalization debate
The momentum behind several bills in the Californian Legislature seeking to legalise intrastate online poker has prompted 88 state land cardrooms to form a representative group titled “Communities for California Cardrooms”. The CCC says its objective is to safeguard the interests and be the voice of the cardrooms as the prospect of legal internet poker draws closer in the state.
The formation of the CCC could add a new and influential element to the debate around how online poker should be structured in California. Previously, many of the cardrooms were allied with tribal groups in the now abandoned California Online Poker Association (COPA), which ran a free-to-play website branded CalShark.
The CCC has already taken on board two state lobbying firms
The Sacramento Bee newspaper says that the new body has not yet stated its position on legalization, although a spokesman has commented there are “some competitive issues” in current legalization measures that have been proposed.