Corals New TV Football AD

From ancient leather to sleek mobile electronic betting, Coral ad stands out
UK punters will be seeing an imaginative and innovative television advert on their screens this week as Coral launches its new ‘evolution of football' television commercial, produced by the DLKW agency, which signed up Coral last June.
The ad is intended to push the popular mobile betting services concept, reports, and features an old leather stitched football hurtling through the air, transforming as it does so into progressively more modern adaptations before morphing into a sleekly animated electronic presentation on mobile betting.
As such it departs from the traditional run of celebrity-centred TV ads emanating from Coral competitors, and is a fresh approach to the promotion of mobile wagering.
Matt Prevost, marketing director at Coral Interactive, said: "The ads convey the simple message that we’re evolving and in doing so we are raising our game."
Coral is the UK's third-largest retail bookmaker with a 20 per cent market share.
For a preview of the new ad check out: