Posted 3/3/11 :   World Cup Cricket spurs internet gambling
The Times of India reports that another betting syndicate has been busted by Delhi police determined to disrupt illegal gambling on the World Cup Cricket currently in progress in India.
The latest action brings to five the successful police initiatives completed over the past 10 days, a police spokesman told the newspaper.
The latest raids were targeted on illegal internet gambling on the Sri Lanka vs. Kenya match, and resulted in the arrest of three adult males, and the confiscation of a laptop, mobile phones, a TV and data cards. The raid was mounted following receipt of a tip-off, a police spokesman confirmed.
"The modus operandi was that the odds between the two teams originated from outside India. On the basis of that the bets were taken during the match. After the match was over, profit and loss was calculated by a specifically generated software known as "Back ‘N' Lay PRO". The rates kept fluctuating with the fall of wickets and the runs scored. The laptop was used for data entry,” he said. "They also received the rates through the internet for which they used the data cards."

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