CrownBet named official digital betting partner to Clubs NSW


Clubs NSW completes competitive tender process.

Initial reports from Australian publication, The Daily Telegraph, indicate an announcement is soon to be made that will see online gambling firm CrownBet named official digital betting partner to Clubs NSW.

“The betting landscape in the Clubs NSW industry will be dramatically altered,” The Daily Telegraph notes, as Crownbet becomes a serious rival to club-based TAB outlets.

It is understand, under the 10-year deal, that member clubs will, for the first time, earn commission on bets placed with CrownBets by members in the NSW venues.

Punters too, will earn club loyalty points redeemable for food and beverages at each club.

The James Packer-backed company reportedly beat off TAB, and Betting.Club during the competitive process with an offer of higher club commission rates and a more generous customer loyalty program.

In addition, cash redemption machines will be introduced by CrownBet which will allow members to withdraw their winnings on-site.