CyberBingo Celebrates Billionth hand

A landmark achievement on Cyberbingo’s 14th birthday
Billion hand celebrations are not uncommon among online poker websites, but this week a bingo operator got in on the act, hosting a billion games in its fourteenth year of operations.
Cyberbingo, claims it is the oldest online bingo site in the world and one of the largest operators in the UK today, with over 450,000 players registering on the site since 1996.
Over the course of the past fourteen years and billion games Cyber Bingo’s achievements equate to them giving away a total prize pot of more than GBP350 million since the site launched, a company statement claims.
Daniel Illanes, head of marketing at Cyberbingo, said this week: “One billion games of bingo really is a huge milestone for any business and the fact that it’s our 14th birthday too is doubly fantastic – we hope we can celebrate 10 billion games in another 10 year’s time!”
Cyberbingo’s parent group is Vistagaming, which also owns, and Spanish facing sites and