New research by Card Player magazine, using its "World Tracker" global poker tournament tracking system, reveals that, per capita, Denmark has the most successful tournament players in the world.
Much like the Olympics, Card Player has used an extensive list of qualifying tournaments (including WSOP, WPT, and EPT events) to arrive at its assessments, tra cking the progress of players from several nations.
World Tracker awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals to the countries whose citizens come first, second, and third in major international tournaments.
The top five countries in the poker tournament world are currently:
1. Denmark 1.85 medals per million
2. USA 1.30 medals per million
3. Australia 0.83 medals per million
4. Canada 0.66 medals per million
5. Norway 0.65 medals per million
The latest research will be published in the October edition of Card Player Poker, where readers can keep up-to-date with the ongoing per capita medal tally each month.
Jeff Shulman, CEO of Card Player Media, says: "The Olympics are almost upon us and the whole world will be cheering on the sporting heroes in Beijing. It's where minnows can triumph over titans and that seems to be what's happening in the poker world too."