Danish Gambling Numbers For Q4 – 2012

Tuesday February 12,2013 : DANISH ONLINE GAMBLING BETTING IN Q4-2012
Sports betting leads the way as fourth quarter results reach DKK 590 million
The Danish regulator has issued the results of fourth quarter 2012 online gambling operations in the dedicated market, flagging an improvement over Q3 numbers, led by higher sports betting GGR.
Sports betting in Q4-2012 reached DKK 355 million (Q3-2012: DKK 270 million) whilst online casino action contributed DKK 235 million in Q4-2012 (Q3-2012 DKK 215 million).
Total GGR for 2012 came in at DKK 2045 million, split DKK1175 million on sports betting and DKK 870 million on casino.
The data furnished by the regulator is based on duty payments from all licence holders for the period from January – December 2012.
The regulator pointed out that fourth quarter GGR data for betting was notably stronger than the first three quarters of the year.
"Quarter four was a strong quarter for online casino, too," said a spokesman. "25 per cent of the online casino GGR is estimated to be from games where duty is paid on commission e.g. online poker."
New legalization aimed at keeping illegal operators out of the Danish market, including bans on advertising and ISP blocking, has been effective, the Danish Gambling Authority notes, making a Danish licence more attractive to legitimate operators.
Whilst an absolutely accurate assessment of the illegal market is not possible, the Authority believes that illegal operators are unlikely to have a market share above 5 per cent.
The total (including land) gambling market in Denmark is expected to total DKK 7,600 million in 2012, with an average per person expenditure on gambling of around DKK 1,700 p.a.