DCMS request review on policing proliferation of gambling ads

DCMS request review on policing proliferation of gambling ads
The UK Advertising Standards Authority  will review its enforcement of the gambling advertising rules following what it terms as Ministerial interest in the growth in scale and volume of gambling advertising since 2007.
The Department of Culture, Media and Sport is reportedly behind the request for the Gambling Commission, CAP, BCAP, the ASA, Ofcom along with the gambling industry to re-examine if advertising regulatory objectives are being met.
Developments in remote gambling technology have increased the ASA's challenge as consumers interact with gambling products in new ways.  The ASA said it has seen an increase in the volume of advertising which in turn has resulted in an increase in the number of complaints, particularly over the past three years.
The objectives of the review are to ensure advertising rules are being applied consistently, assess trends in complaints, assess past ASA decisions on gambling advertising complaints along with its own performance in matching societal expectations around gambling advertising.
The review and a report on its findings are expected to be publicised in the second half of the year.