December 9, 2011 :  But January 1, 2012 market opening still on track
The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has announced a postponement of the entering into force of three executive orders on online betting, land betting and online casino in the soon-to-be regulated market from January 1, 2012 to February 1, 2012.
The DGA's submission to the European Commission on alterations to requirements for the physical location of the gaming system and the implementation of a digital signature have been sited as the reason for the delay but subsequently DanID, who operates user verification and digital signature specialist NemID, notified the DGA that the modules to be used for players to login to websites and player identification will not be ready for operators established outside Denmark by the deadline date.
Despite the delay, the Authority will continue with its planned market opening on January 1, 2012, however, online and land based betting and online casino licence holders verification and login procedures will be regulated with additional terms until the relevant modules are in place.
Operator requirements will include validation of registered players’ identity information and the use of an alternative to the digital signature, such as a passport or driver's licence.