Wednesday September 5, 2012 : FORMER ONLINE CASINO BOSS JAILED IN MALTA (Update)
Don't mess with the players…
Malta newspapers are reporting the close of an unpleasant chapter in online gambling on the Mediterranean island with the 14 month sentence of imprisonment handed down to a former online casino executive, Dimitrios Drosos,  convicted of misappropriating the winnings by players through his Malta-based online gambling company.
Greek national Dimitrios Drosos (45) was director and founder of the now defunct Gold Victory Limited company, where he was accused of misappropriating over Euro 500,000 from his players.
After a series of complaints in 2009, The Malta regulator LGA laid complaints leading to a prosecution in 2011.
Whilst out on a Euro 70,000 bail bond, Drosos left the island – supposedly for medical treatment – and then jumped bail. He was subsequently found in Athens earlier this year and arrested on a European Arrest Warrant. His Euro 70,000 bond is therefore forfeit.
The chief executive of the Malta Gaming Authority told the court that the authority had been receiving complaints against Drosos since 2009.