Posted 5/30/11 :

Enforcement actions are targeted on internet gambling operators, not players
The Baltimore-based federal prosecutor who has spearheaded the latest round of internet gambling domain and bank account seizures, US Attorney Rod Rosenstein, has reaffirmed that unless players live in a state with specific laws forbidding their participation in gambling, they are not the target of enforcement actions.
Instead, federal enforcement agencies are going after illegal online gambling companies offering their services in the United States, and the payment processors who enable them to do so, he said in an interview with Maryland's news, talk and sports station 1090AM WBAL.
Rosenstein stressed the need for players to be aware of the law in their states, but noted that in general online gambling companies offering services to American punters are breaking the law, and are prohibited from moving money through the US banking system.
"These indictments target, not the users but the businesses that are in violation of US law by providing these services,” he said, referencing recent Department of Justice actions.