Ultimate Poker Pros Quit

Dorfman, Marchese depart Team U.
In what appears to be a disagreement with management, at least two members of Nevada-based Ultimate Poker.com’s professional team have ended their contracts with Team U.
Randy Dorfman and Tom Marchese – and possibly others – have indicated that they are dissatisfied with management’s response to their suggestions on improving the playing environment at the site, with Dorfman using social media site Facebook to voice his frustration.
“I have resigned from Ultimate Poker as their Team Pro. At this point in my life there are more important and creative things for me to be involved with. To have your ideas and experiences from the game I love fall on deaf ears while you bust your ass to build a game for a new Company just was extremely frustrating to me,” Dorfman wrote, closing on a a more amicable tone with:
“I wish UP the best and I hope things do turn around for them. I met some great people there and hopefully the chemistry between all involved gets straightens out soon.”
Ultimate Poker.com was the first Nevada intrastate online poker site to go operational earlier this year, signing up respected professional players to promote the site.
Thus far Ultimate Gaming management has not commented on the issue.