MGT Capital Investments Acquires DraftDay

CardRunners Gaming business will compliment MGT fantasy sports segment
MGT Capital Investments has made a further expansion into the fantasy sports sector with the acquisition of the DraftDay fantasy sport business and software platform for a $600 000 consideration in cash and around 100 000 shares of common stock.
The asset purchase agreement with CardRunners Gaming, Inc. is expected to close within a week.
Andrew Wiggins, co-founder of DraftDay stated, "We have worked tirelessly to build an outstanding product and loyal player base.  With MGT's support, DraftDay will have greater resources to grow this business to new heights.  Our employees look forward to making MGT the market leader in daily fantasy sports."
"This acquisition represents a unique financially compelling opportunity and tremendous complement to our online gaming businesses," said Robert Ladd, chief executive officer of MGT. "DraftDay will elevate our fantasy sports segment to an entirely new level.  We are very pleased to welcome the players and employees of DraftDay."
The Company also owns a majority interest in FanTD LLC, the operator of