DraftKings Wants cease and desist order on its performance stats

Tuesday February 9,2016 :  D.F.S. OPERATOR SHOOTING THE MESSENGER?
DraftKings hits online monitor with cease and desist order on its performance stats.
The UK-based independent daily fantasy sports monitor SuperLobby has published details of a cease and desist order it has been served by legal representatives of major DFS operator DraftKings.
The demand requires that SuperLobby halt the acquisition and use of DraftKings statistics in its weekly DFS performance reports, and from using the DraftKings logo to illustrate such reportage, claiming that the monitor intrudes on its rights and its terms and conditions.
The demand requires SuperLobby to respond by submitting before February 10 a written assurance that it will comply with the DraftKings demands.
SuperLobby has responded on social media with a comment that it is in defensive mode but continues to work on an industry overview of 2015 operator performances, taking a little dig at DraftKings by indicating that arch rival FanDuel looks likely to emerge as the top operator.
FanDuel apparently has a more communicative and cooperative approach when it comes to corporate performance indicators for SuperLobby.