New Duck Dynasty IOS Zynga Game

Controversial Duck Dynasty reality show theme chosen for new iOS game
Online social games developer Zynga has rather bravely pushed ahead with its plan to launch Duck Dynasty-themed games despite the controversy earlier this year over socially insensitive remarks attributed to one of the principal characters in the hill-billy reality show.
The new slot launched on the iOS platform and focuses on events that took place in the series, with the controversial elements that caused the furore judiciously edited out.
Players will find the slot represents an arcade style level-based slot machine experience. At a higher levels, players can access the higher maximum bet amounts and limited time pay-out bonus, coupled with other prizes.
There are new themes and levels based on the TV show, and punters can play mini games such as the roulette wheel, which offers a chance of doubling or quadrupling a spin’s prize.
The game can be played across devices by connecting to Facebook, and players can also buy additional in-game currency, and can earn free coins every hour.