Poker : Durrr vs. Antonius Update

Duo clash for the second time in as many days. You can watch all the action for free at Fulltilt Poker
The 50 000 hand Dwan Challenge has been active again after lying dormant for almost three months. This week Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius confronted each other online twice in as many days, with Dwan taking down the first clash and repeating his win over Antonius in the most recent confrontation.
In the latest session the two played a further 182 hands in under an hour, with Dwan taking a cool $459 962 off his opponent on the Full Tilt virtual tables, bringing his overall lead in the Challenge to over $2 million, with just 10 564 hands in the competition still to be played. Dwan took all of the five $100 000 or higher pots in the current session.
The independent monitor of the Challenge, MarketPulse, provides the following statistics to date:
Total amount wagered in the Challenge to date: 342 257 728.50.
Total amount by which Dwan is ahead: $2 059 719.50.
Total hands played to date: 39 436.
Total playing time to date: 5 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes.