Dwan vs. Antonius Challenge Continues Again

5/2/10 – Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius appeared intent on finishing off the 50 000 hand Dwan Challenge going into the weekend, engaging for the third consecutive day on the high stakes Full Tilt tables and playing for six hours.
The confrontation saw 1 601 hands played, according to MarketPulse stats, and Dwan emerged the session winner – up a surprisingly low $37 250 given the intensity of the action and the many six-figure pots. These included at least a dozen worth $200 000 plus, with the biggest in the game – taken by Dwan – topping out at $367 166. Watch them and other pros play for free nightly at Fulltilt Poker.
The latest session means that this marathon of a Challenge is now 78 percent complete.
At one point Dwan was simultaneously playing several tables in the Challenge and Cole South, the recently resigned CardRunners instructor on $200/$400 PLO…and still managed to take South for a cool $155 000!
The latest MarketPulse stats look like this:
* Total amount wagered on the Challenge to date: $336 781 677
* Overall amount by which Dwan is ahead in the Challenge to date: $1 505 905
* Amount Dwan was up in latest session: $37 250
* Hand played to date in the Challenge: 38 974
* Hours played to date: 129
* Percentage of Challenge now completed: 78 percent