Unibet in cooperation with

Online gambling group signs cooperative agreement with FIFAs Early Warning System.
Online gambling operator Unibet Group has signed a cooperation agreement with the FIFA subsidiary Early Warning System GmbH (EWS).
The purpose of the agreement is to establish a co-operation to help safeguard the integrity of sports and betting, a company statement advises, explaining that under the agreement Unibet will exchange information with EWS and will collaborate on efforts to improve prevention measures and education in the field of sports betting integrity.
Eric Konings, Sports Betting Integrity Officer at Unibet, said Thursday:
“Matchfixing is a threat to football, to our industry, and to our company. It is our firm belief that cooperation between all relevant stakeholders is the key to eradicating this problem, and therefore, we are happy to team up with FIFA in this battle. We operate under the see something, say something approach, and this cooperation enables us to directly and immediately alert FIFA in case of an integrity concern. This further supports our efforts in keeping the world of sports, and our platform, free of criminal activity.”
Since 2006, Early Warning System GmbH (EWS) has been supporting FIFA in preventing, detecting and investigating match manipulation. EWS forms an integral component of FIFA’s Integrity Initiative with the aim to support FIFA in the protection of the integrity of football and in the implementation of FIFA’s integrity program. Sharing information with bookmaking companies is an effective detection method of match manipulation.
"The cooperation with Unibet, a reputable global sports betting operator with expertise in exposing potential match manipulation, will further improve EWS’ efforts to protect the integrity of football," a spokesman for EWS said.