Endorphina Custom SLot For EiG 2016


Developed by Endorphina.

Games developer Endorphina has partnered with Clarion to create a custom slot for the EiG 2016 Expo to be held in Berlin from 18-20 October.

Clarion has integrated the slot on its EiG 2016 website providing players an opportunity to win a range of prizes that include an AAA ICE 2017 Conference Pass, a 2017 Slot Academy Pass, a three month free trial of Endorphina games, genuine space food, and others.

Rory Credland, the Event Director for EiG from Clarion events, said the idea, initiated by Endorphina, was bold, brilliant, challenging and the first of its kind, an initiative Clarion couldn’t say no to.

“We do what nobody else does. We always try to think out of the box and reinvent what has already been invented,” Endorphina said in a press statement. “So when this idea came to our minds we knew that we had to go for it and turn this vision in reality.”