Is Streaming the Future for Esports

Tuesday January 12,2016 :  IS STREAMING THE FUTURE FOR E-SPORTS?
TechCrunch takes a look at how a genre that has millions of fans will go forward.
Giant stadia filled with thousands of eager fans watching (and betting) on teams of gamers competing against one another in blockbuster video games…that's the vision that many have of the booming eSports vertical, but there's another aspect of this genre that is gaining momentum, reports the respected publication TechCrunch this week.
But, as the well-written and informative article in the publication points out:
"The largest tournaments attract tens of millions of viewers and offer multi-million dollar prize pools for the best players in games like League of Legends and Dota 2.
"However, the focus on superstar players, marquee tournaments and comparisons to traditional sports misses the mark on one of the most interesting aspects of e-sports. When taking a closer look at the economics of e-sports and streaming, it turns out that it pays much better to be entertaining than good."
The article goes on to take an interesting look at the growing popularity of streaming and the money that can be made from this burgeoning channel in eSports and other entertainment sectors – check it out here: