Big Money For Esports Players

Friday, December 4, 2015 : BIG MONEY FOR ESPORTS CHAMPIONS
Top Korean player signed up on an annual salary of $860,000.
The big money that eSports companies are prepared to pay to get mainly youthful players on their teams has again been illustrated by the hire of Korean League of Legends ace Lee “Easyhoon” Ji-hoon….at an annual salary of $860,000 and benefits.
"Easyhoon" left his well-paid position on SK Telecom T1 to sign for the Chinese outfit Vici Gaming, according to a translated article on Reddit, perhaps miffed by the adulation that his team mate Lee “Faker” Sang-hyoek was getting over himself.
The 24-year-old e-gaming ace said that his achievements in the semi-finals at the World Championships had not been fully recognised in the rush to applaud Faker, arguably one of the greatest players yet in eSports.